Sunday, 21 March 2010

Popcorn Comedy is Ready for Launch

Behold the shiny poster! This week's the week that we host Popcorn Comedy at the Victoria and things are hotting up.

We're quite proud of this month's video funny-mix, with some fresh new corkers as well as a couple of favourites from the last Birmingham Popcorn. We're also really excited about what Brian Gittins and Rob Rouse have in store, and they'll be showing some of their own video content in the true Popcorn fashion. You can see more about them in our last post.... here.

As much as we loved The Electric last time, the upstairs of the Victoria is going to have a great buzz to it with a much more informal atmosphere where you can get a drink, walk/shuffle around or even have a meal before hand.

Doors are open at Thursday 25th March, 7-10pm. Tickets are £5 (£4 Concessions) and you can book them at, or on the door, but as there will be limited capacity pre-booked tickets will get dibs on seating.

See you there!

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