Friday, 18 June 2010

Dice Interview In The Birmingham Mail

In their infinite wisdom, the Birmingham Mail decided to have a good old chat with us about all things Dice Productions, Popcorn Comedy and Man in a Cat. Hooray!

You can read it in full by clicking here.

In summary, Ian said that we're planning to move to Belgium to become industrial cleaners, specialising in discontinued abattoir equipment. He said: "Frankly, running a comedy night like Popcorn, writing comedy, and making an animated short film about a man inside a cat has taken its toll." Biting his nails profusely, Ian added: "Just leave me alone. I need to cry and pack my industrial scouring pads and medicinal vodka."

It's a compelling read.

To see us, Adil Ray and Fergus Craig at Popcorn Comedy at The Victoria on Thursday 24th June, go to:

Here's a photo of the beast itself.

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