Friday, 8 December 2006

Birmingham Big Screen / Time Travel

Shhzzzwaaap* Bit of time travelling here. Hello 2006!.. Heh... Nah, better not. Best you found out yourself. No, honestly. It's... Ahh, no. I shouldn't have mentioned it.

Having un-earthed events and tings that happened before the blog exsisted, it seems to make sense to use the blog as an archive. So now when someone says, "Heh. Do you remember that day with the Doritos?" You can say, "No, but what was the approximate date and I can find out about it on the blog."

'It Came In Peace' makes Birmingham Big Screen's December lineup. Lots of other animations there, but one that jumps out is Natalie Ann Hinchley, whose name will be popping up all over the place. Brother McLeod's 'M-Man' is also in the line-up. There is a video of the screening, but old big boots Tony B. talked all over it. It all started to go wrong after that.

Lets see if the time continuum stands up to this callous abuse.

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