Monday, 6 October 2008

We need you for Film Dash!

With Film Dash drawing ever nearer (17-19 Oct), the time to get organised has come. We've got part of a team and some potential locations, but we'd be happier with a couple of extra pairs of hands (and eyes and ears preferably).

We've got Louis for directing, editing and other technical wizardry, Tom for acting, spontaneity and writing and I'll be on writing, ideas and bits of everything else in between. Here's what we're missing:

What we need: A decent camera (ours is a liability) and some more hands on deck.

What we would like: Some sound recording stuff, some lighting, someone with cinematography skills.

Who we're looking for: Someone who has any of the above, is prepared for an intense but rewarding weekend, won't rock the boat when it comes to ideas and realises that it's for fun as much as anything else.

Having Louis' flat in St Paul's Square is a bonus as we'll be close to the briefing and hand-in locations for the mad dash to the finish line, and it will double as a location and war room (not literally).

If you think you could help or know someone that might want to, get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

To the Dash!


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  1. Hi i'm nicolas, I move abroad two months ago, I have a lot of experience directing, don't have a camera sorry about that, But i work in tv for a couple of years and as a creative director in an ad agency...
    Wanted to know if have room left on your team.
    my email is
    ... mmm ... that's if... bye