Friday, 21 November 2008

Spotted by Aaron Simpson

Found out that Aaron Simpson of 'Cold Hard Flash' fame has spotted us a couple of times on his new site 'Line Boil', which is nice. It's also nice to see that Aaron has set up the new site to cover the world of animation outside of Flash. With the rise the YouTube generation, Flash animation's web presence is in direct competition with every other form of video. So it's good to see him moving with the times whilst still providing an excellent site that nurishes Flash animators' knowledge and skills.


  1. i'd be sifting thru youtube or blogs and see something amazing... "please be Flash, please be Flash," but alas, no. so now i can finally write about all the non-Flash stuff i see around the web. keep me in the loop as your new stuff rolls out - aaron ** at **

  2. Will do. Our latest commission is in fact a Flash-made. Should be out soon. Cheers for the interest.