Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cat Blog Mentions 'All Consuming Love' - an Italian website that belongs to a cat - has kindly 'paw'sted (groan) about 'All Consuming Love'. 

It's interesting that there are very few people out there in the badlands of YouTube who like both, cute cat videos and watching men rumaging inside cats. 

Considering that belongs to a cat, maybe YouTube's masses should wait a second  just before firing off their wisdom bullets. Ask your cat what their view is. While films about cat related love triangles may seem obscure to us humans, pre-production for this film involved some of the world's most meticulous scientists, sensative equipment and about the broadest range of oppinionated cats known to man (Arnold Plotnick). 

So let there be no mistake, it is scientific truth that cats '... Can't get enough of this shit.' - their words not mine.

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