Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Off to Edinburgh!

Ehy! Message in a Bottle will be making an appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of Popcorn Comedy's Best Of Show. The shows will be on 6th and 26th August and only cost £5 which is an amazing price 6 top quality stand ups and bunch of videotic gems.

Go HERE to see more details. Don't ask why! Just do it!! It's really good... Oh well read on.

We won't be able to catch the shows, but we'll be catching the aftermath of it on the last weekend of the festival (28th-30th). The last time we were up I was a student there and the smug occupier of a beautiful flat... It's going to be a bit more guerilla style this time round. We'll keep a log and possibly even a fun bit of video to document our travels.

This is bringing back all sorts of memories. If you ever happen to be in the National Gallery of Scotland keep a look out for this painting of 'Jesus'. However, if you look closer it's not Jesus... it's Tom. That also appears to be Andy Murray flogging him. That guy on the left looked familiar too but we just couldn't work it out. After carefully ripping it off the wall and gently ramming it down Tom's trousers we took it away to have a closer look......

..... Turns out it was Dave Benson Phillips.

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