Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Say hello to Kevin, Josie and Isabel

Well flip me sideways we confirmed a very special cast to fill the roles of Yorkie, Susan and Michelle!

First up is the genius Kevin Eldon, who has appeared in almost every sitcom and sketch show worth it's weight in gold for the past 20 years.

Kevin came to fame on Lee & Herring's TV shows with the characters Simon Quinlack and False Rod Hull, you probably best know him from Big Train, Blue Jam, or one of the seemingly infinite guest appearances which captured your imagination for the 5 minutes he was on screen.

This man is ingrained in my comedy DNA.

Josie Long is possibly the best female stand-up comedian in the UK right now, she's certainly the most heart-warming. As well as the slew of panel shows she was also a regular co-writer for Skins.

The first time I saw Josie Long live was in 2007 at a corporate party at the Edinburgh Fringe, she got us all to sit cross legged around the small stage. It was lovely.

Isabel Fay is a fantastic comic actor who is part of internet comedy production outfit, Clever Pie. She's been in E4 sketch show, Dog Face, BBC's How Not To Live Your Life, and has already acted with Kevin Eldon before.

For those who still don't know their cheese from their beans, here's just some of the many faces of Kevin Eldon.


  1. Wooooow! What an amazing cast. I didn't realise that was Mr Eldon in Who I am and What I Want. Good taste in animation voice jobs that man!

  2. Amazing news! What an incredible cast - they might just be able to do your phenomenal animation justice :-)

  3. Top Cast! I LOVE the actor Kevin Eldon and Josie Long, they're comedy legends and I'm glad to see they're continuing to choose their projects wisely. Not familiar with Isabel Fay, but am very much looking forward to seeing her in action.

    Well played chaps.

  4. That's an excellent threesome. Hoorah!

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  6. Awesome! Kevin Eldon is also engrained in my comedy DNA, I could not have put it better myself.

    Check out my tribute to Eldon's Rod Hull.