Friday, 29 October 2010

Jiff Goldbroom Makes An Entrance

Jiff Goldbroom's been around for a while. He's our Dicey pseudonym for any spontaneous sillies and way to play with unstructured ideas away from the glare of our main YouTube channel. But today we made and uploaded something that people actually wanted to watch on there!

Last night Ian emailed me about the Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveller video that splashed onto the Internet (First I'd heard about it) and an idea to have the woman with the obnoxious Nokia ringtone talking. Dom Joly's mobile phone character was immediately the obvious choice.

I combed through some sketches and then the most difficult bit was dubbing me saying "20s" without it sounding complete cacky pants. Et voila, a quick silly viral ripping other people's talented work! Big thanks to Graham Linehan and chums for telling Twitterland about it.

Here's the original and our slice of silly:

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